What is a Title Case Converter?

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TitleFormat's Title Case Converter is a free tool that quickly and simply formats your headline into Title Case for use in Medium.com stories, Substack posts, blogs, articles, book titles, song titles, or wherever else you may need it.

Title Case is a formatting style that is often used for book titles, blog article headlines, newspaper titles, songs, movies, and social media posts.

In a nutshell, Title Case means capitalizing important words and leaving minor words lower case.

It makes your headline easier to digest by your readers and it just looks right.

Think about Lord Of The Rings. Doesn't Lord of the Rings read better?

What about Snakes on a Plane? Doesn't that look more natural than Snakes On A Plane or Snakes on a plane?

Properly formatting your titles to Title Case lends them a level of professionalism and it helps readers quickly process the point you're making.

It makes the heading stand out and command attention.

There are 8 major style guides which each have their own subtly different rules on which words should be capitalized in a title. Selecting which style guide to use can be confusing and intimidating.

TitleFormat's Title Case Converter takes the confusion and complexity out of this by applying the rules that we have found work best based on many years experience writing blogs, stories, content marketing articles, newsletters and other online content.

It simply formats your title in the way that makes the most sense in most situations.

What Makes TitleFormat Different?

TitleFormat is different from many other online title case converters. It just converts your text to title case. Simply. No difficult questions about which style guide you want to follow.

As a content creator for many years, I was constantly frustrated at how complicated other title case converters seemed to make the process and how inconsistent the results seemed to be. I never knew whether to use AP, Chicago, NY Times or one of the 5 other major style guides, I just wanted my title converted to title case.

So I developed a simple, consistent set of capitalization rules that make the most sense in most situations. These simple rules create consistent headlines that make sense to readers.

As a writer who spent a lot of time refining headlines, I wanted some way to keep track of them as I polished them. To help with this process, with TitleFormat you can save your titles so that you can come back to them later as you refine and perfect them.

Try it now and you'll see.

Which Words Does Title Case Converter Capitalize in a Title?

TitleFormat Title Case Converter applies the following rules:

  • Capitalize the first word
  • Capitalize the last word
  • Capitalize words of four letters or more
  • Do not capitalize articles (a, an, the...)
  • Do not capitalize coordinating conjunctions (and, but, for...)
  • Do not capitalize prepositions (at, by, to, on...)
  • Capitalize the first part of a hyphenated word and subsequent parts, unless the word should be lowercased as per any of the above rules. eg "Case-by-Case"
  • Preserve case of anything "in quotes" (optional)

Try it now.